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Vaastu Shastra is a powerful instrument which guide us to have a peaceful leading life when it was implemented in our premises. This science of Vaastu Shastra is useful for all human beings irrespective of Caste, Creed, Religion, Nation, Male of female, Children or Elders, Students, Employees, Businessmen, Factory owners, any body. This is a most valuable treasure of ancient Indian knowledge. The word “Vaastu Shastra” means dwelling knowledge portion of an science. Vaastu Shastra is a sacred science related to designing and building houses. Vaastu Shastra, if we carefully followed in each and every aspect of the construction portion and all of our structures, bring not only just prosperity into the household but also getting eternal peace, joy, love, happiness, bliss. Vaastu Shastra aims to restore the balance between the home that is the microcosm and the cosmos that is the macrocosm, bringing health, wealth and happiness. Vaastu  promote stability, prosperity, happiness, and mental peace for the inmates, it can also be called as an ancient mystic science for designing and building. Vaastu helps us to make our lives better and also secures us from things going wrong in future.

1.Vaastu is directional science that combines all the Nature five Elements and balances them with our structures and nature, man and material.
2.It creates agreeable atmosphere to live or work, by taking advantage of the benefits bestowed by the Panchabhoothas of the nature. The Panchabuthas means the five basic and essential elements of the nature (Natural Powers) Vayu (Air), Agni (Fire), Jal (Water), Bhoomi (Earth) and Akash (Space). Almost and every thing on earth is built from these elements, Phanchabuthas. Vasthu is also based on various natural energies, which are available freely in atmosphere like (Energies from Nature) :

1.Solar Energy from Sun
2.Earth Energy (BhumiShakthi)
3.Electric Energy (Produces from Nature)
4.Thermal Energy
5.Light Energy
6.Lunar Energy from Moon
7.Sky Energy
8.Magnetic Energy
9.Wind Energy

Standard Layout of an Office:

Vaastu For Shopping Malls & Multiplexes


1. Store the plastic bags in the South.
2. Row milk and other materials ought to be stored in the North-West corner.
3. Empty bottles, cans, saucers, filling and aerating machines must be installed in the South.
4. Shopping outlets for cold drinks and ice creams must face the North.

The olden Vaastu principles are saying that the positions of the rooms in a property has to be placed like this, but now a days no body is interested on this past principles, any way we have to disclosure of those principles here :
The positions occupied by the gods in the Vaastu Purusha Mandala, some guidelines are given for zoning of site and distribution or position of rooms in the House. Some of these are:

1.North - Treasury (Money safe or Cash box)
2.Northeast - Prayer room and Room for Older member of Family (Has to enter each member of the home)
3.East - Bathroom (Generally for Children)
4.Southeast - Kitchen (For ladies of the family)
5.South - Bedroom (Elder of the family)
6.Southwest –
Room for Head of the family ,Armory (More weights , used or non used items kept place)
7.West - Dining Room (Sitting and eating place)
8.Northwest –Guest  Room, Newly Married couple, Cowshed (Cows and other animals)

1st  image
is only for your understanding purpose. Here you may observe the Panchaboothas.
1.EARTH (Bhumi | Dharani) :
1.WATER (Jal | Paani) :
1.AIR (Vaayu) : -
1.FIRE (Agni) : -
1.SPACE (Aakash | Shunya | Soonya): -
2nd  image is only for your understanding purpose. Cosmic energies are all around the universe, constructions are according to the principles of vastushastra then cosmic power bless the property, if construction is against the principles, then it may be punished. Residents calculate the neighbourhood vaastubefore buying a home plot or construction work started. If neighbourhood vaastuis according to the principles then residents will be blessed and their work will go smooth without any obstacles. After joining also they smell positiveness in their properties. It may be due to the cosmic energy.


1.Boiler of the chemical factory must be installed in the South-East corner or in the South.
2. Prepared goods may be stored in the North as well as in the South but the raw materials must be kept in the South only.
3. Poisonous and highly reactive chemicals should be stored in the South-East, North-East or in the North-West corners.
4. Empty glass or plastic bottles should be stored in the South.
5. Filling of chemicals in the bottles must be carried in the South.
6. Mixing of chemicals and their reactions should take place in the South.


Universe is made up of five elements namely earth, sky, water, fire wind. These five elements are self generated. No one can create or do them. These five elements come together in different forms and create different forms and create different manifestations in our world. Later on, these manifestations decay or diminish into five elements. Let us see the creation of these five elements, existence, characters, and their effects on human life in other words relationship with Vaastushastra.


Oriental Five Element Theory uses analogies natural elements. The Five Elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water have their own characteristics that correspond to energies of the individual. Understanding the relationships of the elements in an individual provide clues for better health.

There are two cycles in Five Element Theory: creation and control. The creation cycle is nurturing and is also referred to as the “mother-son” relationship. Each element corresponds with a season, thus we experience the creation cycle with the passing of each year. The Wood element is associated with spring: birth, new beginnings, and rapid growth. The Fire element is associated with summer, the peak of heat and activity. The Earth element corresponds with late summer, a period of transition. The Metal element corresponds to autumn, a time of harvest of summer activities and letting go of what was created during the summer. The Water element corresponds to winter, a time of rest and storing. The energy stored during the winter makes for a successful spring when the creation cycle begins again.

Anything we do can also be seen as a cycle of seasons. Something as simple as cleaning the garage starts as an idea, when we are physically inactive (winter), we start the job in earnest (spring), usually work up a good sweat in moving things around (summer), move from chaos to order (late summer), sort, organize, clean, and finish up (autumn), and rest before our next project (winter). These cycles can be seen in projects, lifespans, games, countries, etc.

The relationships of the Five Elements in nature demonstrates the creation cycle: Water helps grow Wood which feeds Fire which creates Earth from decomposing ashes where Metals are formed which enrich Water.

The control cycle, also referred to as the “grandfather-grandson” relationship is one that helps balance excess. Water reduces Fire. Fire melts Metal. Metal cuts Wood. Wood penetrates Earth. Earth channels Water.

The Five Elements have correspondences to vocal quality, body fluids, emotions, tissues, sense organs, meridians, times of day, tastes, and areas of the body. By observing the individual and ourselves, we can determine which element is asking for help.

You and the Five Elements: So how can knowledge of the Five Elements help you today? Simply look at the chart below and see what applies to you. Tone of voice is difficult to determine yourself, but someone may be able to help you determine some of your vocal qualities. But you do know things like your favorite taste. What is your least favorite? What are the significant times of day for you? What are your favorite and least favoritecolors? What are your predominant emotions? Are there any sense organs, body tissues, or body fluids significant for you?

Usually there will be one or two elements that are more significant for an individual than others. With this knowledge you can use acupressure points and eat foods that support the elements you need.


We often get queries from our readers related to the right direction for their houses, suggestions for constructing commercial buildings, vaastu tips for a peaceful and more fulfilling life.... Well, to answer all your queries and to help you understand this directional science better, we have come up with your one stop encyclopedia on the subject.

Along with vaastu, we have also covered topics like FengShui and Chinese Astrology.

Attract Money and Love

Attract love and money into your life with the help of our Vaastu tips personalized. Whether you want to keep a relationship, meet the perfect partner, or find financial success, this Fengshuican help you achieve it all! It is your power of manifesting love, money and success!
Tips for vaastu can help you replenish your life by wading away negative energies and bringing in prosperity. Indian vaastushastra has the power to improve your love life, working conditions, financial status and much more.

Tips ForVastu That Can Help Enhance your Love Life

You’ve been to therapies, joined support groups, cried in front of your best friend but nothing worked. Perhaps, the problem is not with you or your partner. According to us (and we say it with a lot of experience) there are forces of nature that start working against people if they start differing from the natural laws of nature.

If your relationship with your spouse is loosing spark then here are a few effective Vaastu shastra tips to renew your love life.

According to vaastu for bedroom, its important to make sure your bedroom is in the south-west direction.

Sleep pointing towards the Southern corner.
Get the master bedroom painted in light color tones such as- sea green, light rose, and blue.
Increase the amount of light that enters the house and keep the house lit at all times, until bed time.
Decorate the house with crystal showpieces and centerpieces. Crystal assists in attracting light. Consequently, giving some light to your relationship.

Vaastu Tips for Flat
When it comes to a city life, there is no longer room for big houses, luxurious parking spaces, backyards, and pavements leading to the main entrance. All of that has been replaced by multi-unit high rise buildings with balconies for backyards and lifts for pavements! However, it isn’t so bad! Living in an apartment has its own advantages, given the flat is built as per the norms set by Vaastu
To enjoy the convenience of an apartment make sure you follow the below mentioned Vastu Shastra Tips for Flats. Remember, vastu for house is a little different from that of an apartment.

Vaastu for home

1.East is the most auspicious direction for entrance to a house.
2.The slope of the property should be from west to east or south to north.
3.Shadow of a tree should never fall on the house.
4.The north direction represents prosperity, and should never be blocked.
5.Cactus plant should never be grown in the house.
6.All doors should open towards inside.
7.Door hinges should be noiseless.
8.Columns in a building must be placed in even numbers in any construction.

Common DoshasAnd Their Vaastu Shastra Remedies
Naked Walls:
Place a picture or a statue of Ganesha on the naked walls of your residence, especially the ones you see when just entering the house. Remember, bare walls signify loneliness and a good way to cover them up is with the image of Lord Ganesha.

Low Energy Levels:
The energy circles of a residence or office can be improved by making use of Swastika Yantra. But bear in mind, this method requires caution and should be done only with expert supervision.

River Or drainage system close to the building:
If you have a river or a drain close to the house or office which is flowing in an anti-clockwise manner in a direction apart from north-east, it is best to place a west-facing figure of dancing Ganesha on the north-eastern corner of your house or office.

Wrongly Constructed Toilets
Always construct a toilet in the north-western or western direction.Remember, a toilet constructed at the eastern corner can lead to diseases.
De-clutter your living space. Cluttered things tend to restrict the flow of love.

Vaastu Tips For pregnancy:
Choosing The Best Direction:
Couples who are planning to get pregnant should use the North-western room (main element Air) till the onset of pregnancy. Once the woman has conceived, she should shift to a North-eastern (Easanya) room.
Heat And Pregnancy:
A pregnant lady must never have her room in the south east direction. It is a proven fact that heat has great repercussions in pregnancy. Anything that increases a pregnant woman’s core body temperature can increase congenital anomalies (during the first trimester). Normally, the basal body temperature of a woman is higher during pregnancy. Hence, it’s important to stay away from electronics such as the television, microwave or any other equipment which emits electro-magnetic energies. This way, the lady can avoid escalating her temperature to a hazardous level.

The South-eastern sector of a building and room should be avoided by pregnant women at least for the first trimester

Thermal Heat and Pregnancy

Thermal heat is another factor which affects pregnancy. Studies show that thermal electricity produced by the Sun moves over the earth’s surface from East to West. Hence, pregnant ladies should avoid sleeping with heads to the east. They should sleep with their head to the southern direction.

ColorsAnd Pregnancy:
According to vastu for pregnancy, the color Blue has cooling qualities; hence a night bulb emanating soft blue light during night, is suggested.

Violet and indigo which are also known for their soothing qualities can be used during pregnancy.

Violet is believed to be very good for maintaining sodium and potassium balance, and bone growth of the body. Also, pregnant mothers who meditate regularly should meditate under the violet light as it’s a motivating and spiritual color.

In case there are any pains, indigo should be used for its anesthetic qualities.
Read through the vaastucolors for home section for more information on vaastu’s take on colors.
We’re sure your doctor hasn’t mentioned all these things to you, but remember just because science does not see it or maybe does not find it so important does not mean it does not exist. Goodluck!



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