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Medical Astrology is a branch of Astrology. It deals with the medical aspect of astrology, that is, a horoscope is drawn by the Medical Astrologer, based on time, place, date, of the birth of the concerned person and then appropriate advice is given to cure the disease the person is suffering from. You will be surprised to know that many MD's keep a close touch with learned Astrologers and often consult them regarding their Patients because they know and understand within their hearts that Karma plays a very important role in the state of ones health.

Problems relating to the Brain, Headache, Anger, Depression, Sleep problems, emotional imbalances are caused by the bad placement of the Moon in ones birth chart or by a unfavorable transit aspecting one's Moon at birth and can be cured by wearing a Natural Pearl, which should be the size of a pea on the little finger of right hand for Men and left for women. The Pearl should be set in a silver setting and should touch the skin from under the base.

Skin Problems, Sexual problems, low sperm count in men or lack of sexual drive in men are caused by the bad placement of the Venus in one's birth chart or by a unfavorable transit aspecting ones Venus at birth and it can be cured by wearing Diamond of half carat or more on the ring finger of right hand for men and left in case of women, the Diamond is to be set in White Gold or Platinum. Obesity, lack of sexual drive in women, reproduction problems in women is caused by the planet Jupiter being placed in one's Ascendant or aspecting ones ascendant at birth or in the Dasha (Time) period of planet Jupiter, along with a badly placed or aspected Mars

Medical Astrology is one science which is still hidden to the world and very few practitioners of Medical Astrology really know about the inner secrets of it.



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