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Muhurta (electional astrology) is the knowledge of finding the bext date and time to start a venture. It prescribes the auspicious/benefic times to initiate life activities, like education, profession, conception, agriculture, trade, travel, house, ornamentation etc., related to individuals; & activities related to nations like war, treaty, friendships, formation of army, coronation, oath ceremony etc. Rather it deals with all activities from conception to death & guides the aspirants about the degree of success, benefits & losses, when an activity is initiated at a particular time.

It guides specific person to initiate specific activity at a specific right time. It also forewarns about the adverse, prohibited & malefic periods with their future repercussions.

In essence, Muhurta is the soul of time. In this report - you choose the activity – we’ll identify the most auspicious times to start that activity.



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