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Achraya Sanjeev Vashishth loves his work as an Astrologer,Vaastu Acharya and feels privileged to be working in this field. He has had 21 years experience as a professional Astrologer and Vaastu counselling, writing and presenting his insights into this fascinating subject. As a teacher He takes many people on the exciting journey of discovery that astrology opens. Exploring the self-knowledge and secrets of timing provided by the personal birth chart, is her speciality.

With an academic background in the sociology of knowledge, Achraya Sanjeev Vashishth brings social and psychological insights to his astrology consultations and presentations. His current passion is working on a PhD on astrology & Vaastu Science in Australia. My life has now taken a new track in that I have launched my very own website. I am now in the wonderful process of writing more new features. I feel as though I have stayed in the background astrologically and now I am about to blossom. This is my moment in time and I intend to make the most of it.

Acharya Sanjeev Vashishth is the best astrologer & Vaastu Acharya in Australia and provides top Astrology & Vaastu services in India, America, Dubai, Canada and other countries in World.

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